Terms & Conditions

Welcome to our terms and condition page where we clearly inform you about the rules of our company.


1. Our company Professional Academic Consultation is a registered company in the UK and it strives to give you the best result possible. If you face any problems during your order then please contact our help team and they will respond within 24 hours.

2. Our consultants will only begin on your order once you have made the payment.

3. All our consultants use MS word formatting, however if you wish to go to with an alternative format then please provide us with the correct instructions.

4. Our staff will only respond to the email address you give us at in your order form. This will make sure that no fraud takes place.

5. All of your information will kept confidential.

6. Our consultants can offer you a free revision, providing you email us within the first week of receiving your order.

7. If you think any of your rights have been violated then please email us and we will try our best to make a fair decision.

8. Our company may occasionally post videos for marketing purposes and may include actors however the content will be from users and past customers.

Project Instructions

i   You must provide us with a full assignment brief given by your tutors so the writer can follow it     and work accordingly.

ii   If you have any suggestions for further readings which may help in your assignment, please email      them at the start of your work.

iii   You must provide us a with a marking criteria, if there is any

iv   You cannot change the instructions once you have given us the original set of instructions unless       it’s through feedback from your tutor


i   We believe in learning and therefore the student needs to participate in the process of their work      by providing us feedback as only they know what their tutors are looking for.

ii   If you especially have a long term deadline then we will finish the work early so you can either      give your own feedback or get us feedback from your tutor as this will insure a higher grade

Revsion Policy

i   You can ask us for as many revisions as you think is necessary

ii   Any revision you have must be handled within 10 days after your work has been returned to you.

iii   We will not accept revision after 10 days unless there are exceptional circumstances discussed      with us.

Refund Policy

A refund can be claimed within 14 days after your work has been returned to you, providing there is a legitimate reason.

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  • We provide the best service to our each customer. We believe in high standards and we surely deliver it too.
  • We have a team of more than 100 phd/masters academic consultants with many years of experience. They know exactly how to give your thesis/dissertation the right touch which will help you achieve an outstanding grade.
  • At РАС every customer receives their work before deadlines and students have enough time to review their work and make changes if required.

More than 100 Professional academic consultants available to help you

At PAC, we strive to give our customers the best services possible, which comes from our strong foundation built around a prestigious and highly qualified team of experienced consultants.