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Here at PAC dissertation and academic help we have professionals with at least PhD, M Phil and Masters is specialised subjects and they are responsible for giving you the best service. Whatever you need they will make sure you get that service whether it is help in improving academic writing, proof reading and general editing on your work.

Online consultation

What makes us even unique across the market is that we offer online research consultation to our clients. We offer to teach the clients a research module which includes, how to improve your academic writing skills, how to get the best sources for your assignment/dissertation and how to edit your work. Also we can teach anything else you may be struggling with respect to research.


Professional Academic Consultation

PAC has the expertise and experience to please and satisfy every customer. Our representatives are always ready and happy to help you. They operate 24/7 so everyone receives the best service.To receive the best service and have your requirements met you need to carefully and correctly complete our order form. How to fill the order form give precise instructions as to what you exactly want us to do especially in providing additional information. You also need to give us your correct details such as phone number and email address so the consultant can be put directly in touch with you. Your personal information is strictly kept confidential under all circumstance. Also we provide discounts to customers on their first order of 20%. Once you are happy with the order form please pay for your order so the consultants can begin their work and meet the deadline you have asked for.

How we give support in dissertations

Dissertation is the most important learning curve for any student as it requires hard work which is a combination of writing and research skills. Our experts work with the students chapter by chapter on the dissertation.

Chapter 1: Introduction

This chapter is short and succinct and helps the reader to understand the background, aims and objectives of the research. Our experts help refine the aims and objectives by narrowing the topic down.

Chapter 2: Literature review

This chapter critically evaluates the existing literature available on the topic under study. The literature review always starts broad and gets narrow in order to prepare the reader for the rationale. Our experts help the students in picking the right research papers for the literature and we help in making the writing coherent.

Chapter 3: Methodology

This chapter can be tricky especially for those students who are less confident in research methods. This is where our experts come in as they help the student to decide the right research methodology which is suitable for their research.

Chapter 4: Analysis

In this chapter the findings obtained through data collection is analysed. Often students struggle with using quantitative ways of analysis or interpreting data through qualitative measures. In both cases our experts can help the student analyse the data and especially help student interpret data using tools such as SPSS and Nvivo.

Chapter 5: Discussion / Conclusion

This chapter is the heart of the dissertation as the researcher is required to critically relate the findings with the literature discussed in the literature review. In this chapter students struggle to coherently put all the elements together. Our experts can help the student with organising the work and add more critical analysis into it.


For any student feedback is that secret ingredients which is a must to ace their dissertation. At PAC we help the student to make the best out of the feedback received on each of the chapters mentioned above.