We provide a wide range of services and each service is delivered to the highest of standards

Professional Academic Consultation

The professionals in our team have made it possible to offer various services which our students find very helpful as some students want a complete dissertation whilst others just want proof reading services.

Consultation in Dissertation

We provide help and guidance to students who are struggling in their dissertation. We work with the students from the beginning till the end of the submission. We help them in each chapter of their dissertations. We have expert statisticians and experts in qualitative research. We help in interpreting results and guide the students to write their dissertation more coherently and effectively. We strive to give the best service to the students so they help achieve an excellent grade.

Support in Assignments

A good assignment requires structure, coherences and excellent sources. Most students lack in putting their ideas on paper. We help the students by editing and proofreading the work appropriately to meet the marking criteria of the assignment. Help from us for your assignments means learning and achieving an excellent grade.

Class Presentation

Every degree or course of any sort usually contains class presentation and it is vital that you keep your audiences engaged into your presentation. This is only achieved through putting the right content in your presentation and being confident. Therefore at PAC we have experts who will guide you in preparing the presentation and give you tips and advice on how to keep your audience engaged and interested during your presentation.

Proof Reading

No assignment or dissertation is complete if it contains grammatical mistakes and lack of precision in punctuation. So here at PAC dissertation and academic writing help centre we spend a substantial amount of time on proof reading, we increase the readability of assignments and thus ensures an excellent grade.

Consultation in Research proposal

PAC acknowledges that people have great and intellectual ideas in their mind when it comes to proposal writing but putting it on paper can be challenging. So our professionals have the ability to work with students and guide them in turning their thoughts and ideas into a proposal with structure that is worth presenting to your future supervisors.

Face to face consultation

We provide online face to face consultation to those students who are interested in polishing their academic skills and learn how to write excellent assignment and dissertation. The consultation can be about anything you are struggling with, our experts will guide and teach you until you have achieved your goal.

"Dissertation experts!"

They are truly experts in doing dissertations. They did an amazing job on my dissertation. They incorporated feedbacks timely and provided the final output as per requirements of supervisor. Highly recommended.
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